Pool and/or spa, and deck area plan drawn to scale and dimensioned, and showing relation to structure with pool equipment location.

  • Show all suction outlets & whether floor or wall
  • Show number & location of steps
  • Show swimouts and other exits
  • Show handholds when needed/used
  • Show pool deck elevations and raised areas in reference to existing lanai elevation.
  • Pool dims, area, & depths.

Pool equipment specifications including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Each Pump Manufacturer, and Specific Model
  • Each Suction Outlet- brand & model
  • Filter Specification (brand & size)
  • Chlorinator Specification (brand)
  • Light Specifications
  • Number of Skimmers
  • Number of Returns
  • Pool and/or Spa Heater if provided
  • Show deck drain

Site Specific Information to Comply with 2017 FBC 7th Ed(ANSI 7 & ANSI 15):

  • May use standard form or have Kimes Engineering prepare.
  • Kimes Engineering can prepare the ANSI 7 (suction entrapment) and ANSI 15 (energy code) information based on complete information as described above.
  • ANSI 15 volume, and flow.
  • Selection of APSP listed pump with its listed flows.
  • Multi speed pump controller.
  • Filter Sizing based on ANSI 15 flow.
  • Heater & efficiency.
  • ANSI 7 flow, determined only by detailed TDH calculation.
  • Suction outlets with approved flow.
  • Provide cut sheets for pump with pump curve, suction outlet cover with approved flows shown, and for heaters with efficiencies identified.

Other Details or notes included on the plan:

  • Excavation Diagram
  • Deck and Footing Specification Diagram
  • Method of Termite Treatment
  • Layout of Pool Safety Barrier if used
  • Alarm specs if used.
  • Indicate if Pool Cage if used
  • Yard fencing if no cage used
  • Pool Blanket if gas heat

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